Yuma Regional Model

Model History and Timeline

The Yuma MODFLOW model development began in the early 1990's. Previous to the early 1990's, Patten (1977) developed an electric analog groundwater model for the Yuma region. Patten's conceptual model was developed from the geologic and hydrogeologic study conducted by Olmstead et al. (1973).

In 1993 the ADWR released their MODFLOW groundwater model that simulated the time period of 1979-1989. Since the development of the ADWR model, the USGS has completed a study related to the model within the Yuma area (Dickinson et al.(2006) (SIR 2006-5135)).

Model Location

Yuma Model Area
The Yuma model encompasses approximately 1,154 square miles.







Model Datasets

File Name Description Linked Files Files/Forms
Model Files Referenced in ADWR Yuma Modeling Report 7 1979 to 1989 ADWR Calibrated Steady-State and Transient Yuma Model MODFLOW-88 Datasets


Model Reports and Documents

File Name Description Linked Files Files/Forms
Modeling Report No. 07 Hydrogeology, Numerical Model, and Scenario Simulations of the Yuma Area Groundwater Flow Model - Arizona, California, and Mexico. Bradley Hill. Modeling Report No. 7 (October, 1993)





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