Legislative Affairs

The Arizona Department of Water Resources  Office of Legislative Affairs coordinates the Department’s legislative agenda, tracks pending federal and state legislation on water and natural resources and builds and maintains relationships with lawmakers , their staff and the broader water community.  In this section, Legislative Affairs provides a Weekly Legislative Update detailing the disposition of water related legislation during the regular session of the Arizona Legislature. 
Legislative Affairs serves as the point of contact for legislators and their staff.  Lawmakers and stakeholders are encouraged to engage the Department on potential legislation.  For tour opportunities, bill analysis and general legislative inquiries please review our contact information.

Weekly Legislative Update

Final 2023 Legislative Update

The 56th Legislature 1st Regular Session has adjourned Sine Die

This Weekly Update marks the final disposition of all water related bills during the past regular legislative session.  Only bills that have made it to the Governor’s desk, (other than memorials/resolutions) and have been enacted into law, are included below.  

Relevant Budget also bills include: 

  • SB 1720 general appropriations act; 2023-2024
  • SB 1725 environment; 2023-2024 

The General Effective date for all legislation not otherwise specified is October 30, 2023.

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First Sponsor: Sen. Justine Wadsack (R)

A municipality that provides water service is required to provide water service through an intergovernmental agreement with a standpipe district for up to three years by use of a standpipe for water hauling to residences outside the municipality's water service area that do not have access to sufficient water if a list of specified conditions apply, including that the number of impacted residences is no more than 750, that the municipality previously provided water service to the residences, and that there is no other adequate source of water within ten miles of the residences. Establishes

ADWR Position: Neutral
First Sponsor: Sen. Sine Kerr (R)

Various changes to statutes relating to the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA). WIFA is not a public service corporation subject to regulation by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The WIFA Board is authorized to prescribe the terms and conditions of the Director and staff's employment as necessary, and is required to adopt written policies and guidelines regarding employee compensation and leave. WIFA employees may participate in the Arizona State Retirement System. The definition of "eligible entity" for loans from the Water Supply Development Revolving Fund is modified to mean a

ADWR Position: Neutral
First Sponsor: Rep. Gail Griffin (R)

The statutory life of the Arizona Navigable Stream Adjudication Commission is extended four years to July 1, 2028. 

Last Action: 04/18/23 Signed By Governor

ADWR Position: Neutral
First Sponsor: Rep. Gail Griffin (R)

County boards of supervisors are authorized to participate in water reuse and recycling programs and regional wastewater recharge projects and related infrastructure. 

Last Action:  04/18/23 Signed By Governor

ADWR Position: Neutral
First Sponsor: Rep. Timothy Dunn (R)

The deadline for the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) to provide the Governor and the Legislature with an annual operations report is moved to August 15 of each year, from July 1. The report must be made available to the public on the ADWR website. Modifies the FY2023-24 general appropriations act to require the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority to distribute monies in the Little Colorado River levee line item to Navajo County, instead of the City of Winslow, to reconstruct the Little Colorado River levee. Requires the Arizona Department of Water Resources to reduce

ADWR Position: Neutral