Permits, Forms, and Applications

Public Information Request

The Department requires that a Public Information Request form be submitted when requesting record inspections, copies of original documents and maps.

Public Information Request Form | Copying Fees


Professional Registration Requirements for Persons Filing Hydrogeologic and Engineering Studies

The Department requires documents that qualify as the practice of geology or engineering and are submitted to the Department as support for permits or approvals be signed and sealed by a professional geologist or qualified professional engineer who is registered in the State of Arizona. Examples of such documents include the following: hydrologic, geologic and engineering reports; studies, drawings and maps; specifications, analyses or related data.

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Permits, Forms and Applications

Annual Water Use Report Forms for the Phoenix, Pinal, Prescott and Tucson AMAs

Annual Water Use Report Forms for the Santa Cruz AMA

Adjudications Statement of Claimant/New Use Summons

Agricultural Best Management Practices

Assured and Adequate Water Supply

Groundwater Rights and Withdrawal Permits

Recharge Program Applications, Forms and Guides

Surface Water Rights

Well Abandonment Handbook

Well Meter Malfunction

Well Permitting/Notice of Intent (NOI)

Notice of an Individual Users served by a Municipal Provider