On January 9, 2023, Governor Katie Hobbs issued an Executive Order to establish the Governor’s Water Policy Council (the “Council”), which is tasked with modernizing the Arizona Groundwater Management Act, the state’s playbook for protecting its groundwater. The group will update groundwater management tools and protect groundwater, which serves as 41 percent of the state’s water supply.
For more information, visit: azwater.gov/meetings

Governor’s Water Policy Council Current Governor Appointed Members

Thomas Buschatzke (Chair)

Abe Springer

Brenda Burman

Chris Kuzdas 

Chris Udall

Clark Princell

Craig Sullivan 

Cynthia Campbell

Doug Dunham

Ed Curry

Haley Paul

Jamie Kelley

Joe Olsen

Joe Singleton

John Kmiec

Karen Peters

Kathy Ferris 

Leslie Meyers 

Paul Brierley

Patrick J. Adams

Robyn Sahid

Ron Doba

Sandy Fabritz

Sandra Watson

Sarah Porter 

Sharon Megdal

Spencer Kamps

Tom Torres

Warren Tenney



Representative Gail Griffin

Representative Stacey Travers

Senator Priya Sundareshan


Tribal Communities

Maria Dadgar, Executive Director of the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona

Bidtah Becker, Legal Counsel for Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren

Chairman Robert Miguel, Ak-Chin Indian Community

Chairwoman Amelia Flores, Colorado River Indian Tribes

Governor Stephen Roe Lewis, Gila River Indian Community