Primary Purpose

The Automated Groundwater Monitoring Unit (AGMU) is the Arizona Department of Water Resources’ source of high-frequency groundwater data. AGMU is responsible for installing, maintaining, and retrieving hydrologic data from automated groundwater measurement equipment in wells across the state. Data from this unit is used to inform model calibration, monitor daily water level fluctuations especially in response to surficial hydrologic events, and other applications where high-frequency data is beneficial.

Automated Data Collection

In approximately 135 wells throughout the state, AGMU uses automated groundwater monitoring devices that record water levels on a predefined frequency on a continuous basis. AGMU deploys automated data collection systems in the form of pressure transducers and shaft encoders that measure water levels four times daily and store the data electronically. Staff retrieves the data quarterly by downloading the data to a laptop or memory card. Data may also be retrieved from wells equipped with satellite telemetry systems for near real-time measurements. For more information, please see our Statewide Automated Groundwater Monitoring Fact Sheet.