The Groundwater Level Change application, developed by the ASU Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute, can be used to find out how groundwater levels in Arizona's sub-basins have changed over time. The heart of the Arizona Water Blueprint is an interactive map comprising 58 discrete data layers. With just a few clicks, a user can explore Arizona’s water resources and infrastructure, download data specific to a particular geography and visualize how different features and datasets are related. The Blueprint addresses Arizonans’ need for comprehensible, accurate, non-partisan and detailed information about Arizona water resources and policy, empowering inclusive and informed decision-making about the state’s water future. 
According to the ASU Kyl Center team, the new Arizona Groundwater Level Change App shows what’s happening in sub-basins across the state – where groundwater levels are rising or declining and where more data may be needed. The data for the tool are derived from the ADWR Hydrology Publications Open-File Reports (OFR),  Statewide Groundwater Level Changes reports. 
The ASU Kyl Center team gave a presentation in conjunction with the University of Arizona to explain the Groundwater Level Change application's use and benefits. The presentation, titled "Arizona Water Blueprint: A Roadmap to Good Stewardship", was given on September 17, 2020 as part of the university's Brown Bag seminar series. A recording of the presentation is available to the public.
To see another demonstration and explanation of the application’s potential uses, see Arizona Capitol Times’ April 29, 2021 presentation, "What's Next for Arizona's Groundwater?". Discussion of the application begins at 51:00 and ends at approximately 53:30.
More recently, a presentation was given by the ASU Kyl Center team on October 28, 2021. The webinar demonstrates how to use the Groundwater Level application and discusses why it might be useful for the public. An article was also drafted to further explain the uses and benefits of the Arizona Groundwater Level Change application.