ADWR Groundwater Modeling Section


The Groundwater Modeling Section supports the informed, long-term management of groundwater resources by developing models and reports that promote a better understanding of impacts to regional aquifers across the State of Arizona.


Groundwater flow modeling is a tool that can be used to simulate the past, present and future impacts of water use on aquifers. Groundwater modeling has become an important tool in the management of Arizona’s water supplies, particularly in meeting the 1980 Groundwater Management Act’s goal of achieving Safe Yield in Active Management Areas (AMAs).  Groundwater modeling allows water resource planners to make long-term management decisions based on the potential impacts of future water uses on the state’s groundwater resources.

Modeling Basics

Curious as to how groundwater models function and what they represent? Take a look at the Modeling Basics page for an explanation of the different types of models used to simulate Arizona's water supply.

ADWR Models


The Modeling Section develops regional models to simulate Arizona's water supply and the future demands it may encounter. The regional models developed by the Modeling Section include: Prescott, Salt River Valley, Santa Cruz, Tucson, Pinal, Upper San Pedro, and the Yuma model.

Providing ADWR with Measured Data

The Modeling Section is always looking for additional measured data in support of model development. If you have any measured data such as aquifer tests, geologist's logs, or geophysical logs please contact the Modeling Section at [email protected]