Field Services Section

The Field Services Section provides support in making water management decisions by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting hydrologic data. Field Services conducts a wide variety of data collection activities in support of public needs, such as the Assured and Adequate Water Supply and Recharge Programs, Drought Monitoring Program, well drilling and well impact assessments, and also in support of hydrologic studies such as groundwater modeling and water budget development through the Statewide Hydrologic Monitoring Program.

This section is comprised of the Basic Data Unit, the Automated Groundwater Monitoring Unit and the Geophysics/Surveying Unit.


Basic Data Unit

The Basic Data Unit is the Department's primary source of groundwater data. It includes the Statewide Automated Groundwater Monitoring Program and the Groundwater Site Inventory database (GWSI). Basic Data is responsible for collecting discrete groundwater levels and other hydrologic data throughout Arizona.

Automated Groundwater Monitoring Unit

The Automated Groundwater Monitoring Unit supplies high-frequency water level data to the GWSI database. This unit operates and maintains automated water level collection devices across the state. Select sites are also equipped with satellite telemetry systems, allowing for near real-time measurements. 

Geophysics & Surveying Unit

The Geophysics and Surveying Unit collects, processes and interprets gravity, GPS, and Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) data for land subsidence and aquifer storage monitoring to help the Department better manage the State’s water resources. Gravity data is also collected to model depth-to-bedrock for geological framework and water-in-storage projects.


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