Local drought impact groups

Local drought impact groups (LDIGs) are county-level groups that coordinate drought public awareness, provide impact assessment information to local and state leaders, and implement and initiate local mitigation and response options. These groups are coordinated by local representatives of Arizona Cooperative Extension and County Emergency Management and supported by ADWR's Drought Program.

In support of the Arizona Drought Preparedness Plan, ten local drought impact groups were created in 2006-2007, meeting several times. Currently, Pima County is the only active LDIG.

Active LDIGs Annual Reports are included as appendices in the Arizona Drought Preparedness Annual Reports.

Active LDIG:

Pima County LDIG

Information & Resources for LDIGs:

LDIGs Suggested Roles & Responsibilities

Drought Planning and LDIGs

Determining Drought and LDIGs

Climate Variabilities and Drought