Statutes and Policies

Recharge Substantive Policy Statements

The Arizona Department of Water Resources has adopted several substantive policy statements to clarify the process and application requirements for recharge program permits.  The text of the substantive policy statements can be accessed through the links below.

These substantive policy statements are advisory only. Substantive policy statements do not include internal procedural documents that only affect the internal procedures of the agency and do not impose additional requirements or penalties on regulated parties or include confidential information or rules made in accordance with the Arizona Administrative Procedure Act.  If you believe these substantive policy statements impose additional requirements or penalties on regulated parties you may petition the agency under Arizona Revised Statutes § 41-1033 for a review of the statement.

Multiple Benefit Document

Pilot-Scale USF Application Process

Technical and Financial Capability/Unreasonable Harm and Hydrologic Feasibility (R14)

Underground Storage Facility Permit Application Guide (R15)

Recovery Well Area of Impact (RW1)


Governing statutes

45-801.01 Declaration of public policy on underground water storage, savings and replenishment
45-802.01 Definitions
45-803.01 Effect on vested water rights; effect on other proceedings
45-811.01 Underground storage facility permits
45-812.01 Groundwater savings facility permits
45-813.01 Land use ordinances
45-814.01 Contents of a storage facility permit
45-815.01 Facilities not qualifying as storage facilities
45-831.01 Water storage permits
45-832.01 Use of stored water
45-833.01 Designation of non-recoverable water
45-834.01 Recovery of stored water, recovery well permits; emergency temporary recovery well permits; well construction
45-835.01 Simultaneous applications
45-836.01 Effect of storage facilities, water storage, and recovery on service areas
45-841.01 Accrual of long-term storage credits; Indian water rights settlements
45-851.01 Recovery of stored water on an annual basis
45-852.01 Long-term storage accounts
45-853.01 Restricted uses of long-term storage credits
45-854.01 Assignability of long-term storage credits
45-855.01 Effect of long-term storage credits on assured water supply and adequate water supply
45-856.01 Protection of the stored water
45-857.01 Groundwater replenishment district incidental replenishment factor; definitions
45-858.01 Master replenishment account; debits and credits
45-859.01 Conservation district account; debits and credits
45-860.01 Water district account; debits and credits
45-871.01 Permit application; fee; notice of application; objections; hearing; appeals
45-872.01 Water measuring devices
45-873.01 In-lieu water reporting requirements; withdrawal fees
45-874.01 Long-term storage credit recovery fee; amount; notice; payment; penalty
45-875.01 Annual reports; penalty
45-876.01 Annual report; groundwater replenishment district and replenishment district members; penalties
45-877.01 Annual reports by conservation district; penalties
45-878.01 Annual reports by water districts; penalties
45-879.01 Annual reports certification; records
45-880.01 Inspections, investigations, and audits
45-881.01 Cease and desist orders; temporary cease and desist orders; hearings; injunctive relief
45-882.01 Violation; civil penalties
45-891.01 Purposes of State Demonstration Projects
45-892.01 Additional definitions pertaining to State Demonstration Projects
45-893.01 Application for project permits; application requirements; permit specifications
45-894.01 Use for replenishment purposes
45-895.01 Storage of water; availability and disposition of stored water
45-896.01 Assumption of responsibility for stored water
45-897.01 State water storage fund; disbursement of monies
45-898.01 Indemnification and insurance