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Phoenix AMA

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USF Permit Application Online Noticing

Consistent with A.R.S. § 45-871.01(B) within fifteen days after receipt of an application for an underground storage facility permit, the Director shall post notice of the application on the Department's website until the Director issues a decision on the application. If you have questions regarding the applications listed below, please contact the Recharge Program.


AMA Permit Application Number

Applicant Name / Application

Date File Posted
Phoenix 71-534362.0005 EPCOR Sun City West Recharge Facility, USF Renewal 4/17/2020
Phoenix 71-586730.0004 City of Glendale, West Area Aquifer Recharge Facility USF 03/03/2023
Tucson 71-563876.0009 PCRFCD and Town of Marana, Marana High Plains Effluent Recharge Project USF Modification 04/17/2023
Phoenix 71-237448.0000 City of Tempe, Well 6 USF 06/20/2023
Phoenix 71-237449.0000 Liberty Utilities, Gold Canyon WRF USF 06/21/2023
Phoenix 71-237450.0000 Global Water - Hassayampa Utilities Company, Inc.,  HUC Campus 2 WRF USF 06/21/2023
Phoenix 71-237451.0000 City of Buckeye, Wagner Wash USF 06/21/2023
Phoenix 71-560347.0008 City of Chandler, Tumbleweed Park Recharge Facility USF Modification 06/21/2023
Phoenix 71-583023.0004 City of Chandler, Ocotillo Recharge and Recovery Facility (ORRF) USF Modification 06/21/2023
Phoenix 71-588551.0003 City of Chandler, Chandler Heights Recharge Project USF Modification 06/21/2023
Phoenix 71-591934.0002 City of Glendale, Arrowhead Ranch Recharge Facility USF Modification 10/25/2023
Phoenix 71-591940.0002 Fountain Hills Sanitary District USF Renewal 11/15/2023
Tucson 71-591928.0003 CMID/MDWID/FWID/AVIDD/PCRWRD/Town of Marana/City of Tucson/
Town of Oro Valley, Lower Santa Cruz Managed Recharge Project USF Renewal
Phoenix 71-565257.0005 City of Avondale, Avondale Wetlands USF Renewal 12/19/2023
Phoenix 71-239140.0000 Gila River Indian Community, Gila Butte USF 02/29/2024
Phoenix 71-227650.0004 Gila River Indian Community, Olberg Dam USF Modification 04/15/2024
Phoenix 71-563943.0006 City of Tempe, Ken McDonald Recharge Facility USF Modification 05/09/2024
Phoenix 71-223849.0002 EPCOR, Luke 303 USF Modification 05/14/2024