Floodplain Management Ordinances and Standards


The Department’s State Standards Work Group was formed in 1990 to establish guidelines to assist communities with floodplain management. These guidelines were developed by incorporating input and expertise from local, state, federal and private entities. They include:

SS1 - State Standard for Technical Support Data Notebook

Instructions for Organizing and Submitting Technical Support Data Notebooks (TSDN) for Flood Studies to Local Governments and FEMA. 

SS2-96 - Requirements for Floodplain and Floodway Delineation in Riverine Envir…

Provides methodologies for estimating 100-year peak discharges, delineating 100-year floodplain limits, and determining administrative floodway boundaries for riverine floodplains in Arizona.

SS3-94 - State Standard for Super-critical Flow (Floodway Modeling)

Provides guidelines to be used when modeling floodways for supercritical or near-critical flow conditions in Arizona.

SS4-95 State Standard for Identification of Development within Sheet Flow Areas

Details minimum floodplain management standards for identification of and development within sheet flooding areas in Arizona.

SS5-96 - State Standard for Watercourse System Sediment Balance

Provides guidelines for identification of and development within erosion hazard areas, watercourses with a net sediment deficit, and watercourses with a net sediment surplus. Provides individual guidelines for: lateral migration setback allowances, channel degradation estimations, and river stability impacts associated with sand and gravel operations.

SS6-05 - State Standard for Development of Individual Residential Lots within F…

Provides a site plan checklist, typical plan and cross-section requirements for individual residential lots within watercourses.

SS7-98 - State Standard for Watercourse Bank Stabilization

Provides minimum design standards for several watercourse bank stabilization techniques.

SS8-99 - State Standard for Stormwater Detention/Retention

Provides minimum guidelines for sizing detention and/or retention facilities

SS9-02 - State Standard for Floodplain Hydraulic Modeling

Provides guidelines on mathematical modeling for hydraulic processes in watercourses.

SS10-07 State Standard for Hydro-logic Modeling Guidelines

Provides guidance on the unique modeling conditions encountered in Arizona. This download includes Appendices and Technical Supplements.


Each community that participates in the NFIP must adopt a Floodplain Management Ordinance. FEMA Region IX and the state have developed model floodplain management ordinances that communities can use to meet federal and state minimum requirements. They include:

Non-Colorado River Community (full model)
Non-Colorado River Community (District Dependant)
Colorado River Community (full model)
Colorado River Community (District Dependant)