Arizona Revised Statutes


Arizona's Floodplain Management:

Statute   Description
48-3601 Definitions
48-3602  Organization of county flood control district
48-3603  Powers, duties, and immunities of district and board; exemptions
48-3604 Establishing zones in the district
48-3605 Assistance for floodplain delineations; duties of director
48-3606 Assistance for topographic mapping
48-3607 Director may contract for work
48-3608 Assistance in flood insurance program
48-3609 Floodplain delineation; regulation of use; federal requirements and definitions
48-3609.01 Watercourse master plans; definition
48-3609.02 Adoption of rules; procedures; exemptions; definition
48-3610 The assumption of powers and duties by cities and towns; resolution; definitions
48-3611 Citizens' flood control advisory board; qualification; functions
48-3612 Board of review
48-3613 Authorization required for development in watercourses; exceptions; enforcement
48-3614 Declaration of public nuisance; abatement
48-3615 Violation; classification; civil penalties; strict liability
48-3615.01 Notice of violation; hearing; final decision; civil penalty; injunctive relief
48-3615.02 Judicial review; remedies
48-3616 Survey and report of flood control problems and facilities; comprehensive program; adoption by the board; hearing
48-3617 Development of flood control plan by the director of water resources
48-3618 A resolution calling for bond election; notice; manner of conducting an election
48-3619 Form, issuance, and sale of bonds; limitation on bonded indebtedness; payment of bonds and interest
48-3620 Certification and levy of taxes; limitation
48-3620.01 Joint projects by zones
48-3620.02 Authority for zone projects
48-3621 Right-of-way
48-3622 Permission required to connect to stormwater drain; fee; violation; classification
48-3623 Authority to issue refunding bonds; procedure; disposition of proceeds
48-3624 Cooperation in flood control projects
48-3625 Limitation on powers
48-3626 Compliance; enforcement
48-3627 Reimbursement for county services
48-3628 Condemnation actions; interest

Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) Title 45, Chapter 8, Flood Control, Article 6, Flood Warning Systems, §45-1501 to 45-1506

Arizona Flood Warning Program:

Statute   Description
 45-1501 Definitions
45-1502 Powers
45-1503 Flood warning system fund
45-1504 Flood warning system grants
45-1505 Operation and maintenance of flood warning system
45-1506 Immunity of state from liability for losses