2023 Blank Annual Report Forms

ADWR strongly encourages the use of pre-populated data forms.  Pre-populated annual report forms can be obtained through our Online Annual Reporting System or by contacting us via email at [email protected] or by phone at 602-771-8585.  The following forms do NOT contain pre-populated data and are for use only when pre-populated data forms are not available.


Summary Pages


Supporting Schedules 


Assured Water Supply Forms

  • Schedule AWS - Assured Water Supply Supplement for Designated Providers
  • Schedule AWS - Pinal AMA Only - Assured Water Supply Supplement for Designated Providers


Recharge Forms

Recharge reports for the following types of permits should be filed under one report: the Annual Underground Water Storage (UWS) Report.

  • USF Summary        Annual Underground Storage Facility 
  • USF Schedule 71    Water Delivered to USF
  • WS Summary         Annual Water Storage
  • WS Schedule 73     Delivery by Water Storage Permits

Please go to Online Annual Reporting or call (602) 771-8599 for the UWS form.


Irrigation District Forms

  • Irrigation District Summary
  • D-1S - Surface and Groundwater Summary (applicable to all Irrigation Districts)
  • D-2S - Deliveries to IGRs being filed on behalf of all or select IGRs
  • D-3S - Deliveries to IGRs for Districts with Non-Exempt IGRs that they are not filing on behalf of. 
  • D-4S - Deliveries to cities, towns, private water companies, and irrigation districts
  • D-5S - Deliveries to holders of non-irrigation Grandfathered Rights and Withdrawal Permits
  • F-2 - Deliveries to turf facilities who file on their own behalf (golf courses, parks, schools, etc.)
  • Schedule U - Large Untreated Providers (Irrigation District).


Well Worksheets


Schedule G Forms - Industrial Users

  • G-1 - Metal Mining Facilities
  • G-2 - Turf Related Facilities
  • G-3 - Electrical Power Operations
  • G-4 - Sand & Gravel Facilities
  • G-5 - General Industrial Users
  • G-6 - Cattle Feedlot Operations
  • G-7 - Dairy Operations
  • G-8 - Large Cooling Users


Annual Report Forms Specific to the Santa Cruz AMA