Arizona Water Awareness Month: Now, more than ever

Arizona Water Awareness Month: Now, more than ever
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Wed, Apr 7 2021

Water Awareness Month day calendarAs we often note, water is a serious subject in Arizona.

For many years, the Arizona Department of Water Resources has been a “water conservation” partner in Arizona Water Awareness Month, the annual outreach campaign to spread the word about the value of conserving the Southwest’s most precious natural resource, water.

That “Awareness” month is now.  With over two decades of chronic drought stressing the Southwest’s water resources, it’s never been more important to take a good, hard look at our personal water-use habits and commit to using water wisely.

Practicing a low water-use lifestyle is a way each individual and business in Arizona can help ensure a long-term, sufficient water supply.

With the now customary nod to the pandemic, the many partners of Water Awareness Month have created a series of online events promoting wise water use.

The first event, “An Introduction to Water Conservation Technologies,”  is scheduled for Friday, April 9.

An expert in efficient irrigation and xeriscaping from Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply and the Water Use It Wisely program will share “practical information for people who want to make changes to an existing landscape or create a new landscape using water-efficient technologies and techniques.”

Water Awareness Month event banner

Later in Water Awareness Month – on April 16 – water industry experts will present on “Using Water Education to Conserve Water & Protect Our Watersheds.”   Experts from the Kyl Center for Water Policy and the Arizona Project WET water-education organization will help illustrate the importance of advancing water education to understand global challenges and inspire local solutions.

The last of the WAM-sponsored seminars is scheduled for April 22. “Principles of Water-Wise Landscaping”  will feature presentations from landscape experts from the Desert Botanical Garden and from the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association. The class will “illustrate best practices to save water through landscape design, appropriate watering, plant selection, and planned maintenance.”

That is far from the end of the Water Awareness Month celebration, however.

Organizers have created 30-second videos featuring the Water Awareness Month topic of the day. And much, much more, including a raffle.

Details about all the April events are available on the Water Awareness Month website.