Drought-planning briefing to highlight public input

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Drought-planning briefing to highlight public input
June 27, 2018

The public briefing scheduled for Thursday, June 28 (see details below), on systemic risks facing Arizona’s Colorado River water supplies will offer the public several options to ask questions of the panelists.

The event – a Joint Briefing by the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Central Arizona Project on a Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan – will provide up-to-date analysis of the threats to the Colorado River system prompted by years-long drought and over-allocation.

Keynote speaker at Thursday’s briefing will be Brenda Burman, Commissioner of the federal Bureau of Reclamation. Bureau experts will provide a visual presentation on the systemic risks.

While seating at the Arizona Historical Society Museum auditorium is limited, the briefing will be live-streamed (see details below). Viewers watching online, meanwhile, will have an opportunity to submit questions.

Panelists will include ADWR Director Tom Buschatzke and CAP General Manager Ted Cooke.

Audience members will be able to submit handwritten questions by filling out blue cards provided in the auditorium by ADWR and CAP staff.

Online viewers may submit questions one of two ways.

To submit a question via text:

  1. Text AZDCP to 22333
  2. Reply to the automated text with your question

To submit a question online:

  1. Go to PollEV.com/AZDCP
  2. Enter your name and submit your question

The June 28 event:

What: An Arizona Discussion of the Risks to Arizona’s Colorado River Supply and the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan

Who: Panel will include Bureau Commissioner Brenda Burman; ADWR Director Tom Buschatzke; and, CAP General Manager Ted Cooke; the event also will feature presentations from BOR staff on the conditions on the Colorado River and the potential for delivery shortfalls in coming years

Where: Arizona Historical Society Museum at the Arizona Heritage Center at Papago Park – hosted in the auditorium; 1300 N. College Ave, Tempe 85281

When: June 28, 1-4 pm.

How: The briefing will be live-streamed online; visit azwater.gov or CentralArizonaProject.com for details