Meeting Recording

Additional Meeting Materials:

  • The Draft TAMA 5MP
  • For your reference, the Draft 5MPs for PHX,TAMA,PrAMA,SCAMA are available here under "Fifth" and the AMA dropdown:
  • To supplement the draft 5MPs, there are a number of tools available online including an interactive data dashboard for each sector. They are available on the AMA Data webpage under the sector (Agricultural, Municipal, Industrial) dropdowns. 
  • As a supplement to the discussion of overdraft and safe-yield in the TAMA, a report (Overdraft, Safe-Yield, and the Management Goals of Arizona's AMAs) and corresponding data dashboard were also developed. 
  • As a temporary overview of changes, the 5MP Concepts Page is available, where you can find information on the concepts and changes to the 5MP conservation programs for each sector.