On January 31, 2019, Governor Ducey signed Executive Order 2019-02, stating in part, "...it is important for the work of the Governor's Water Initiative to be continued and expanded upon through the creation of a new Council with a long-term focus on water augmentation, innovation, and conservation; and given the importance of sustainable water supplies to Arizona and policy decisions that must be made, members of the Arizona Legislature should serve on the Council in addition to individuals appointed by the Governor..." Executive Order 2019-02 superseded and rescinded Executive Order 2015-13 which formed the Governor's Water Augmentation Council and established the Planning Area Process.  

Executive Order 2015-13 created the Governor's Water Augmentation Council (GWAC) and Planning Area Process. The GWAC met quarterly from February 2016 to January 2018. In the fall of 2016, four committees were created: Desalination, Recycled Water, Long-Term Water Augmentation, and Finance. The Planning Area Process meetings were a series of public meetings held in the Cochise, Northwest Basins, and West Basins Planning Areas. The meetings occurred between January 2016 and May 2017. 

Governor’s Water Augmentation, Innovation, and Conservation Council Current Governor Appointed Members

Thomas Buschatzke (Chair)

Amelia Flores

Basilio Aja

Buchanan Davis

Cheryl Lombard

Chris Camacho

Christopher Udall

Craig Sullivan

Daniel Seiden

Dave Roberts

David Brown

Doug Dunham

Edward P. Maxwell

Grady Gammage

Henry Day

Jamie Kelley

Jay Whetten

John Kmiec

Kathleen Ferris

Kevin Rogers

Lisa Atkins

Maria Dadgar

Mark Smith

Misael Cabrera

Philip Townsend

Ronald Doba

Sandra Fabritz

Sarah Porter

Scott Deeny

Spencer Kamps

Stephanie Smallhouse

Stephen Q. Miller

Stephen Roe Lewis

Ted Cooke

Timothy Thomure

Virginia O’Connell

Wade Noble

Warren Tenney

William Garfield


House Speaker Rep. Rusty Bowers; designee Rep. Gail Griffin

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Rebbecca Rios; designee Sen. Lisa Otondo

House Minority Leader Rep. Reginald Bolding

Senate President Karen Fann; designee Sen. Sine Kerr