Despite A Strong “El Nino,” Prospects For A Wet Winter In The Southwest Remain “Uncertain”

The popular theory about an “El Nino” condition in the eastern Pacific Ocean is that it often encourages the production of a lot of winter rain and snow in the southern United States

The operative word here is “often.”

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Arizona Weather And Climate Experts Report On The Moisture Conditions In The Southwest

As the saying goes, very few things in life are guaranteed. Nevertheless, that short list of life’s guarantees just got a wee bit longer:

The chances that the panel of experts that analyzes Arizona’s drought status would recommend a “drought’s over!” finding this fall were about as close to zero as you could get.

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The Drought Monitoring Technical Committee: Tracking Drought is a Year-Round Project

On many occasions, Arizona Water News has described the work of the Arizona Drought Interagency Coordinating Group, which twice each year makes recommendations to Arizona’s governor about whether or not to continue the statewide drought declaration. The group’s meetings are among the best windows available to the public for up-to-date information on the recent-past and near-future weather/climate conditions in the Southwest.