A Changing Landscape

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roundwater use in the McMullen Valley and Ranegras Plain is having a big impact

It is along the wide, flat desert stretches of the McMullen Valley and the Ranegras Plain west of Phoenix that some of the state’s biggest land-use changes – and most hotly debated water-related controversies – are playing out.

But it is what is happening below the scorching desert’s surface that really matters out here in the sparsely populated “West Basins” region of west-central Arizona.

Water in the West, Part 1

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What everyone in arid Arizona needs to know about Western water challenges

(Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part outline of the major challenges facing the State of Arizona and the Southwest as the region's water leaders prepare to meet in discussions about the future health of the Colorado River system; in Part 2, we will focus on the challenges - and the advantages - facing the Southwest. Today, we highlight some of the major issues facing Arizona)

It is not just the advent of the holiday season that is stirring up a sense of change in the air. 

Plan On It

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Water Resources Planners Scout locations for Governor's Water Initiative Meetings

It takes planning to do planning.

This is not redundant. Planners at the Arizona Department of Water Resources have been charged by Gov. Ducey work with the 22 different “planning areas” around Arizona – regions that have been carved out in some cases because of the locally unique water issues they face -- to refine water-use demand information and work with stakeholders to develop consensus-driven solution sets for future demand and supply imbalances.