Rural Programs Frequently Asked Questions


What was the purpose of the 1999 Rural Watershed Initiative?

Governor Jane Dee Hull created the Arizona Rural Watershed Initiative to focus attention on rural water resource issues and provide funds to develop regional and watershed solutions through locally driven partnerships. The groups are made up of your community people, with a shared concern for the future of your water resources.  Many of the active watershed groups have monthly meetings to discuss proposed projects, concerns and solutions.

What is an Active Management Area (AMA)?

An AMA is a geographical area designated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) as requiring active management of groundwater.  Four initial active management areas currently exist in central and southern Arizona within the regions of Phoenix, Pinal, Prescott and Tucson.  A fifth active management area was established in Santa Cruz County requiring the active management of any water, other than stored water, withdrawn from a well. Subsequent active management areas may be designated through local initiative or by the Director of the Department.

Am I represented in a Rural Arizona Water Group?

You can find the names of representatives from the various water groups in the information provided in the description for each group listed under "Rural Water Groups."

Can I join a Water Group?

Yes, you can participate in your local watershed group.  Website and email addresses are listed with the group's description under "Rural Water Groups."

How can I find out if there is a meeting in my area?

For the most up-to-date information, please check the website of the group you are interested in.  For further questions and help locating a group in your area, please call us directly.

Where do I find information regarding grants/funding for my water project?

There are a number of funding mechanisms for water projects in the state of Arizona.  This website lists some of those entities, including the Department of Water Resources, The Environmental Protection Agency, and others. 

Does the Department of Water Resources regulate the Rural Watersheds or Watershed Groups?

No, the Arizona Department of Water Resources was given authority to administer the initiative by providing technical and financial assistance to rural watershed partnerships.  Partnerships include local stakeholders and representatives of resource and regulatory agencies active in the area.

Who does the Arizona Department of Water Resources regulate?

The Arizona Department of Water Resources has authority to regulate the use of groundwater only within the Active Management Areas.

How do I contact the Arizona Department of Water Resources?

ADWR - Statewide Planning
1110 W. Washington St. Suite 310
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Kevin Lane  602-771-8429 [email protected]
Carol Ward 602-771-8511 [email protected]