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Recovery Planning Advisory Group


In May 2014, a collaborative effort among the Arizona Water Banking Authority (AWBA), Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD, referred to as CAP), and stakeholders produced the Recovery of Water Stored by the Arizona Water Banking Authority: A Joint Plan by AWBA, ADWR, and CAP. This Plan provides a roadmap for recovering AWBA credits.

During Drought Contingency Planning (DCP) discussions, we have heard from water users that enhancing recovery planning efforts is prudent. To this end, the AWBA, ADWR and CAP convened the Recovery Planning Advisory Group (RPAG) in 2018 to review and provide guidance to those efforts.  RPAG members consist of a broad-based group of Arizona stakeholders.

The objectives of the RPAG process are to provide greater planning clarity and to ensure that stakeholder perspectives have been fully considered as we update and refine key implementation concepts.  For details, please refer to the 2021 Joint Update Plan (published May, 2021; see below). The 2021 Joint Update Plan is an addendum to the 2014 Joint Plan and includes updated modeling, options for recovery program participation and projected recovery costs.

Please direct any questions regarding RPAG to Kristen Johnson ([email protected])


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2021 Joint Update

2021 Update Recovery of Water Stored by the Arizona Water Banking Authority

This Joint Update is a collaborative effort among the AWBA, ADWR, CAP, RPAG and stakeholders. It includes updates to the 2014 Plan and provides current information on anticipated recovery needs.


The 2014 Joint Recovery Plan

Joint Recovery Plan 2014 cover

The 2014 Joint Recovery Plan, developed through a collaborative planning process, provides a roadmap for the distribution and recovery of water stored by the Arizona Water Banking Authority.