Webinar Information:

Join Meeting Here

This link should automatically connect you to the meeting without the use of a meeting number or password. This is the preferred method of joining the meeting to avoid feedback and echoes. The "Select Audio Connection" drop-down menu will then give you the option of using your phone or your computer for audio, as shown below.  

Meeting number: 285 302 518

Password: PinalGUAC  
You can log in to WebEx up to 30 minutes before the meeting starts. If this is your first time using WebEx, we recommend joining the meeting early so you have extra time to troubleshoot any technical difficulties. If you experience any difficulties logging in, please contact the ADWR help-desk at 602-771-8444 or [email protected]

Use this if you are joining ONLY by phone and not viewing the webinar:
Phone: 415-655-0003

Access code: 285 302 518
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