WMAP Dashboard

The Latest In User-Friendly Tech From Water Resources: The WMAP Dashboard

December 12, 2022

Like several other Arizona state agencies that work in complex systems, ADWR has been committed to making its data not only accessible to the public, but understandable to the public.

We’ve been accomplishing that goal in a variety of ways, including with several new, user-friendly techno-tools on our website that allow users to access detailed information without having to pore over eye-glazing charts, tables and graphs.

The latest such feature is a "Water Management Assistance Program interactive dashboard” on the Active Management Area website that provides information on project funding and other details related to the program.

Arizona AMA and INA Map

Arizona’s most populous regions have been divided into five Active Management Areas, or AMAs, which are designed to manage the state’s precious groundwater resources in a manner consistent with locally tailored goals. The idea is to move each AMA closer to “safe yield," which is accomplished when no more groundwater is being withdrawn than is being replaced annually. 

The Department’s AMA team recently put up an interactive dashboard that gives viewers an instant view of water use over the years in each of the AMAs.

Now, they have created a new dashboard that identifies how AMA program funds are used.

The Water Management Assistance Program, or WMAP, is intended to provide financial and technical resources to assist water users in the development and implementation of conservation programs, facilitate augmentation and renewable water supply utilization, and obtain information on hydrologic conditions and water availability in an Active Management Area (AMA).

Groundwater Activties

The WMAP is funded primarily from groundwater withdrawal fees collected from each person or entity withdrawing groundwater in an AMA from a non-exempt well.

Many of the questions that ADWR staff in the Active Management Area section receive from the public regard available funding in the AMAs and how they are used in the WMAP. The idea behind the new dashboard, then, is to inform the public of the available fund balance in each AMA, the active projects and the status of those projects.

The new WMAP dashboard consists of five tabs located at the bottom of the dashboard on the gray “Microsoft Power BI” bar.

Marana Main Canal

The first tab describes WMAP annual funding. There, the user will find information regarding the unobligated fund balance, WMAP fee by year, and the total WMAP fees collected.

If you want to see information regarding a single AMA, you can select the AMA in the blue “Arizona” map in the upper lefthand corner, just under the ADWR logo.

The next tab is for the WMAP projects. When you select a project from this list, you will be shown all of the information regarding that project. The third tab has the same layout, but describes the Groundwater Conservation Grant projects. And the remaining tabs include disclaimer notes, as well as a glossary of uncommon terms.