Dir. Tom Buschatzke appears on "For the Love of the Game"

Water Resources Director Tom Buschatzke appeared live Monday with Mike “Uncle Buck” Rafferty on NBC Sports Radio 1060 AM’s “For the Love of the Game” program. It was, in Uncle Buck’s words, “another glorious day to golf” – or at least to be talking about the nexus between the sport of golf and water. A genuine, heartfelt fan of golf and the golf industry, Uncle Buck peppered the director with a lot of well-developed questions about the importance of wise water use among golf courses. It was a fun interview.

At a 'Water Summit'

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Arizona golf-course superintendents gather to share best practices on water management

As a rule, industries with an economic reliance on a valuable resource tend to be extremely careful in how they use it.

Farmers in Yuma County and elsewhere in Arizona, for example, have become experts in laser leveling fields, crop management and water-conserving irrigation techniques.