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The Marín-Herrera Water Awards

During the AMC’s December 2008 Plenary Session, the Water Committee cochairs established an award program to recognize exemplary efforts that have strengthened water resources collaboration between Arizona and Sonora. To learn more about the authorization of the award program,
click here: Action Item for the AMC/CSA Water Committee Award Program

The awards are named in honor of Carlos Marín and Arturo Herrera Solís, respectively the late U.S. and Mexico Commissioners of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC). The two commissioners perished together in a plane crash during September of 2008 while surveying a flooding emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border. Commissioners Marín and Herrera were highly-esteemed public servants with numerous contributions throughout their careers. Their tragic loss was felt deeply along the length of the U.S.-Mexico border and beyond.


image of recipients
  Carlos Marin and Arturo Herrera Solis 

For information about award selection criteria or general guidance for nominations,
Nomination Form for 2010 Awards: Word version   PDF version
Operational Protocols for the Award Program
Award Recipients:
  Carlos Marín (March 2009 – Posthumous Award)
U.S. Commissioner, International Boundary and Water Commission
  Arturo Herrera Solís (March 2009- Posthumous Award)
Mexico Commissioner, International Boundary and Water Commission
Photos of Award Ceremonies:
March 2009 – Presentations to the Marín and Herrera Families
Powerpoint Presentation about the Award Program