A glossary of the often complex terms describing the amazing nature of ‘groundwater’

In a little under two years, hydrologists at the Arizona Department of Water Resources have completed studies of groundwater conditions in two regions at opposite ends of south-central Arizona - the Pinal Active Management Area south and east of Phoenix and the Lower Hassayampa Sub-basin, an area west of the White Tank mountains and northwest of Phoenix.

New ADWR Wells Unit “search engine” now making customer service better and faster

Since the arrival of the 2020 COVID pandemic in mid-March, private businesses and public services alike have struggled to confront the same challenge:

How do we serve our customers as efficiently as before the pandemic?

How do state agencies with significant customer-service mandates, for example, provide the same level of service when the majority of our staff is now disbursed, performing jobs remotely that once upon a time were done from a single, hive-like office?

The answer, of course, is that they innovate.