A Joint Colorado River Shortage Preparedness Briefing is Scheduled for April 29

On April 15, the operators of the Colorado River system – the Bureau of Reclamation – made clear what everyone familiar with the drought-stricken system has seen coming as the extraordinarily dry winter of 2020/21 has lingered on:

That by the end of 2021, water levels at the system’s Lake Mead reservoir likely will fall to a point that a “Tier 1” shortage declaration likely would be triggered for the 2022 deliveries of Colorado River water.

AZ Water Blueprint: A user- friendly, one-stop shop for insight on AZ’s water resources

In many respects, the Arizona Water Blueprint – a data-rich, interactive map of Arizona’s water resources and infrastructure created by the Kyl Center for Water Policy at Arizona State University – could not have been rolled out at a better time.

Research into Arizona’s varied sources of water is approaching an all-time high.