Wenden area stakeholders vent frustrations at groundwater local meetings

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Wenden area stakeholders vent frustrations at groundwater local meetings

Sometimes it just helps to vent.

Residents of the West Basins Planning area around Wenden, Ariz., arrived at an early afternoon stakeholders meeting on March 28 at the Centennial Community Center to discuss details about the condition of their groundwater supply.

And, to raise some pretty heartfelt concerns about what they fear the future of their groundwater may be.

An Arizona Agency Takes On the Challenge of Upgrading Drinking-Water Systems Around the State

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Upgrading Drinking Water Systems Around the State

Rarely have Arizonans had more reason to be aware of their water during “Water Awareness Month” than in 2016.

There is that nagging, lingering drought hovering over the Southwest. We are intimately aware of El Nino’s disappointing failure to deliver on its promise of a drenching winter.

Arizona Is Rising Up To Meet The Challenges Of Falling Water Levels At Lake Mead

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Arizona Is Rising Up To Meet the Challenges of Falling Water Levels at Lake Mead

Last week's announcement by the Bureau of Reclamation that Lake Mead is projected at years end to be three feet above the level that would trigger reductions in water deliveries to Arizona, Nevada and Mexico was welcome news.

But we are not out of the woods.

Arizona has built a tradition of acting on its water issues well before the crisis hits. The people of Arizona have come to expect that level of preparation. We are not about to let them down.