The Latest In User-Friendly Tech From Water Resources: The WMAP Dashboard

Like several other Arizona state agencies that work in complex systems, ADWR has been committed to making its data not only accessible to the public, but understandable to the public.

We’ve been accomplishing that goal in a variety of ways, including with several new, user-friendly techno-tools on our website that allow users to access detailed information without having to pore over eye-glazing charts, tables and graphs.

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Work of Gov’s Council studying water conservation, innovation and augmentation continues


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Funds for Arizona conservation projects approved in State’s DCP legislation are allocated

The Age of Webinar: Conducting presentations in a time of social distancing

Like it or not, the Age of Webinar is upon us.

On April 23, the National Football League and its media associates orchestrated the opening rounds of its annual college player draft – a vast, multi-media undertaking that would have been enormously complicated technologically even if all the participants were together under the same roof – via webinar.