The 1980 Groundwater Management Code established a Groundwater Advisory Council (GUAC) in each Active Management Area (AMA). The group consists of five members. Members of the GUAC are appointed by the Governor to represent the users of groundwater in the AMA, and on the basis of their knowledge of interest and experience with problems relating to development, use and conservation of water.

The term of office of each member is six years. The terms are staggered, expiring in January of each even-numbered year. Every other even-numbered year, the members of the GUAC elect a chairman and vice chairman. Members of the GUAC serve without compensation.

Some of the important duties of the GUAC include:

  1. Advise the Active Management Area director, make recommendations on groundwater management programs and policies, and comment to the area director and to the director of the Department on draft AMA management plans before they are promulgated.

  2. Provide comment to the Arizona Water Banking Authority with regard to draft plans for additional storage facilities and draft plans of operation.

  3. Manifest and record its official actions by motion, resolution or other appropriate means.



member appointment date term expiration affiliation
Stephen Cleveland (Chairman) 8/1992 1/15/2024 Former City of Buckeye
Frank Fairbanks (Vice-Chairman) 6/1990 1/20/2026 Former City of Phoenix; CAP Board
Stephen Bales 1/31/2020 1/31/2026 Agricultural
Dave Roberts 1/2018 1/15/2024 SRP General Manager
Rory Van Poucke 11/2020 1/17/2022 Industrial