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Pinal AMA Groundwater Conditions

Major aquifers, well yields, estimated natural recharge, number of index wells and date of last water-level sweep are shown in Table 8.2-6.  Figure 8.2-6 shows aquifer flow direction and water-level change between 1993-1994 and 2003-2004 for the entire Pinal AMA.  Figures 8.2-6A-B show depth to water during 2003-2004 and water-level change between 1993-1994 and 2003-2004 for selected wells by sub-basin.  Figure 8.2-7 contains hydrographs for selected wells shown on Figures 8.2-6A-B.  Figure 8.2-8 shows well yields in five yield categories.  Underground Storage Facilities (USF) and Groundwater Savings Facilities (GSF) are shown on Table 8.2-7 with facility name, facility permit number and type, permittee name, permitted acre-feet per year and water source. Locations of USFs and GSFs are shown on Figure 8.2-9. A description of aquifer data sources and methods as well as well data sources and methods, including water-level changes and well yields are found in Volume 1, Appendix A. 

Major Aquifers

  • Refer to Table 8.2-6 and Figure 8.2-6
  • The major aquifers in this AMA are recent stream alluvium and basin fill.
  • Groundwater flow is generally to the north with flow toward cones of depression at the center of the Maricopa-Stanfield Sub-basin and west of Maricopa.

Well Yields

  • Refer to Table 8.2-6 and Figure 8.2-8
  • As shown on Figure 8.2-8, well yields are generally greater than 1,000 gallons per minute (gpm). 
  • One source of well yield information, based on 1,582 reported wells, indicates that the median well yield is 1,000 gpm.

Natural Recharge

  • Refer to Table 8.2-6
  • Natural recharge in the Pinal AMA is estimated at 82,750 acre-feet per year.
  • Primary source of natural recharge is streambed recharge along the Gila and Santa Cruz rivers.

Water Level

  • Refer to Figures 8.2-6 and 8.2-6A-B. Water levels are shown for wells measured in 2003-2004.  Not all water level data shown on Figure 8.2-6 are shown on Figure 8.2-6A-B.
  • The Department annually measures 163 index wells in the AMA.   Hydrographs for nine of these wells are shown on Figure 8.2-7
  • The deepest water level shown is 662 feet south of I-8 (Figure 8.2-6A) and the shallowest is 24 feet west of highway 387 in the Eloy Sub-basin (Figure 8.2-6B).

Recharge Sites

  • Refer to Table 8.2-7 and Figure 8.2-9.
  • As of 2008 there were six active USFs and four active GSFs.
  • Total permitted storage capacity for USFs is 6,400 acre-feet per year.  All USFs are permitted to store effluent.
  • Total permitted storage capacity for GSFs is 303,480 acre-feet.  All GSFs are permitted to store CAP water.

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Table 8.2-6 Groundwater Conditions in the Pinal AMA

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Table 8.2-7 Recharge Sites in the Pinal AMA

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Figure 8.2-6 Pinal AMA Groundwater Conditions

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Figure 8.2-6A Maricopa-Stanfield/Vekol Valley Sub-Basins Groundwater Conditions

Click here for Figure 8.2-6B

Figure 8.2-6B Eloy Sub-Basin Groundwater Conditions

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Figure 8.2-7 Pinal AMA Hydrographs Showing Depth to Water in Selected Wells

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Figure 8.2-8 Pinal AMA Well Yields

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Figure 8.2-9 Pinal AMA Recharge Sites



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