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Phoenix AMA Assured Water Supply Determinations

Assured water supply determination information including the subdivision name, location, number of lots, date of determination, subdivision water provider and Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) membership status are shown in Table 8.1-12A, B and C for certificates, water adequacy reports and analysis of assured water supply.  Designated water provider information is shown in Table 8.1-12D with date of application, date the designation was issued and projected or annual estimated demand.   Figures 8.1-13A and 8.1-13B show the general locations of subdivisions (to the section level) and designated provider water service areas keyed to the Table.   A description of the Assured Water Supply Program is found Section 8.0.5 and in Volume 1, Appendix C. Assured Water Supply determination data sources and methods are found in Volume 1, Appendix A.

  • Lot count totals may over estimate actual platted lots due to database accounting, changes in file numbering methodology and subsequent development plan changes.
  • As of February 2008, 1,387 subdivisions with a total of 718,028 lots have been reviewed for an assured water supply determination.  86% of the determinations were in Maricopa County.
  • 237,097 lots in 1,118 subdivisions received a Certificate of Assured Water Supply, 22,010 lots in 208 subdivisions received a Water Adequacy Report and 458,921 lots in 61 developments received an Analysis of Assured Water Supply.
  • Of the 1,118 subdivisions with a Certificate of Assured Water Supply, 765 are CAGRD members.
  • There are 15 designated providers with a total projected or estimated annual water use of 950,555 acre-feet.

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Table 8.1-12 Assured Water Supply Designations in the Phoenix AMA

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Figure 8.1-13A Phoenix AMA, East Valley Assured Water Supply Determinations

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Figure 8.1-13B Phoenix AMA, West Valley Assured Water Supply Determinations


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