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External Links Outside of the ADWR Network

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State of Arizona and Regional Agencies/Programs

Department of Water Resources Rules
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Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 45. (Laws & Rules)
OffSite icon

State of Arizona: OffSite icon

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's Office: OffSite icon

Arizona Department Of Environmental Quality: OffSite icon

Arizona District, Water Resources Division of the U.S. Geological Survey: OffSite icon

Western States Water Council: OffSite icon

Central Arizona Project: OffSite icon

Salt River Project (SRP): OffSite icon

Arizona Flood Warning System: OffSite icon

Pinal AMA Water Leaders: OffSite icon


U.S. Federal Agencies/Programs

Southwest Area Wildland Fire Operations OffSite icon

Surf Your Watershed - United States Environmental Protection Agency OffSite icon

United States Geological Survey: OffSite icon

United States Environmental Protection Agency: OffSite icon

United States Army Corps of Engineers: OffSite icon
(Water Resources Centers)

National Weather Service: OffSite icon
(Hydrologic Services Program)

National Aeronautical and Space Administration: OffSite icon
(Hydrological Sciences Branch)


Institutes, Programs, Associations, and Foundations

Association of Western State Engineers website: OffSite icon

Friends of Lake Powell OffSite icon

Water Education Foundation: OffSite icon

Arizona Water Resources Research Center: OffSite icon

New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute: OffSite icon

Desert Research Institute: OffSite icon

Arizona Municipal Water Users Association: OffSite icon

National Institutes for Water Resources: OffSite icon

Universities Water Information Network: OffSite icon

Protecting Water: OffSite icon


National Web Sites

National Ground Water Association
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Water Strategist Community OffSite icon