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Well - Databases and Information

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ADWR Public
General public, homeowners, teachers, students
Check Your Water Supply Does my community have enough water?
How Do I? Answers to your "How do I?" questions
Definitions Page Definitions for many of the terms used on this website
Water Atlas Water-related information for the State of Arizona.
Water Conservation ADWR Water Conservation Program
Education and Outreach Water related activities, and photos
Drought Tolerant / Low Water Plants AMAS Municipal and Industrial Conservation Programs
Water Saving Technologies Technologies for business, industry and home
Drought The Statewide Drought Program
Local Drought Impact Groups Local Drought Impact Groups (LDIGs) are county-level groups coordinating public awareness
Community Water Systems Water providers, water plans, and water use

General Information

ADWR Dictionary - A list of water terms and their definitions used by ADWR
Browse Topics - Links to a wealth of information regarding ADWR.
Check your water supply - County-specific information, water resources, and live on-line reports.
How do I? - Questions and answers about the Arizona Department of Water Resources
Hydrology eLibrary - Looking for an ADWR Hydrology Document?
Organizational Chart and Phone Numbers - ADWR Org chart, and phone numbers
Permits, Forms, and Applications
Site Map - A detailed look at the department and its various sections
Information Services - Please contact us at 602-771-8627 or 1-800-352-8488 (outside Phoenix) if you need other information, or assistance.

Wells - Databases and Information

ADWR Water Resource Data - Well Registry Database a collection of all the registered wells in Arizona. Groundwater Site Inventory Database (GWSI) that contains a collection of wells that have thier water levels check regularly.