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Community water systems are required to submit a System Water Plan update every five years. (ARS §45-342).
  • Systems with a Designation of Assured or Adequate Water Supply may skip Part 1: Water Supply Plan. Note: A Certification of Adequate Water Supply or a Water Adequacy Report for a specific subdivision is not a Designation. If you have applied for and ADWR has issued a Designation of Assured or Adequate Water Supply for your entire service area, you’ll be listed here. If you’re not listed as a Designated Provider, you must complete Part 1. For questions regarding Designation of Assured or Adequate Water Supply, call 602-771-8599.

  • Systems that are located in Active Management Areas and that are regulated under one of the programs for large municipal water providers (serve more than 250 acre-feet water per year) may skip the Conservation Plan section.

  • A system located in an AMA and regulated as a small provider may skip the Conservation Plan if it can demonstrate that it will be regulated as a large provider within the next five years. For instructions, see A.R.S. § 45-342 F.
Please Read Before You Begin
  1. As you fill out the form, you may wish to save it to your computer in case you can’t complete it all at once. Although you cannot save it online, here is how to save it on your computer:
    1. Click “save data” and follow the prompts. The form will be saved as “ADWR SWP Update Form.xml”. You can change the file name, but do not change the file extension (.xml).
    2. Note: the online form will “time out” and your data will be lost if the keyboard remains untouched for 20 minutes, so remember to save your form to your computer.

  2. To retrieve the form that you saved on your computer:
    1. Click “Select”.
    2. Locate and click on the file you wish to retrieve.
    3. Click “Upload saved data”.

  3. When filling out the form, you will be able to provide your answers in either gallons or acre-feet only. Please enter only numbers. If you type words or letters, the data will not save.

  4. To go back to previous pages, use either the “back” prompt at the bottom right of the form or the menu on the left. Do not use the back arrow on your screen.
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