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02/08/15 - 01/01/17
The Department received a petition for the Initiation of Procedures to Designate an Irrigation Non-Expansion Area for the San Simon Valley Sub-basin. Click here for more information. 02/16/15 - 01/01/17
Based on ADWR research, estimated water use rates for new subdivisions have been revised. 10/22/15 - 11/30/16
Draft Tucson AMA Fourth Management Plan 11/19/15 - 05/31/16
ADWR has completed an assessment of groundwater conditions in the Buckeye Water Logged Area. Click here to access ADWR's report. 11/30/15 - 03/31/16
On December 18, 2015, the Arizona Department of Water Resources released the Final Hydrographic Survey Report for the Hopi Indian Reservation. Click here for more information. 12/20/15 - 09/01/17
01/24/16 - 12/31/16
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Underground Storage Facility (USF) Checklist 01/04/16 - 01/04/17
Click here to file your Annual Water Withdrawal and Use Reports online 08/06/15 - 08/31/20
Click here to review the Departments DRAFT proposal of the final fee rulemaking package (PDF)


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ADWR is the steward of Arizona's water future and ensures long-term, reliable water supplies to support the continued economic prosperity of the State. ADWR is continually Protecting Arizona's Water Supplies for its Next Century

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