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NOI Well Drilling Forms have been Modified!  Information on Boundaries of Groundwater Basins and Sub-basins is Now Available on the ADWR Website!

The ADWR form Notice of Intent to Drill, Deepen, Replace or Modify a Well (DWR 55-40) has been modified to require applicants to indicate whether the water to be pumped from the proposed well will be used in the same groundwater basin where the well is to be located.   Please download and use the new forms.  Effective immediately, only the new forms will be accepted.

To assist NOI applicants in locating groundwater basin and sub-basin boundaries and for general knowledge, we are adding the Department’s Basin and Sub-Basin Designations—June 1984 to our website.  This document, describing in narrative and map form the official boundaries of each of the 46 groundwater basins and 27 sub-basins of the state not included in the five initial Active Management Area basins, was published as part of the Findings and Order of the Director designating the basins and sub-basins pursuant to ARS Section 45-404 on June 21, 1984 click here to download official basin/subbasin boundaries outside AMAs.  It may be helpful to first download a statewide map showing all of the basins and sub-basins of the state to better estimate what basin and sub-basin in which the proposed well may be located, before searching the official 1984 boundaries document click here to download statewide basin/sub-basin map, including the five AMAs.  You can also download maps of each AMA click here for Phoenix AMA map, click here for Pinal AMA map, click here for Prescott AMA map, click here for Santa Cruz AMA map, click here for Tucson AMA map.


ALSO NEW:  Effective immediately, the only acceptable method used to determine Latitude and Longitude is GPS.  The USGS Quad Map and conventional survey methods are no longer allowable options.  The Well Driller Report and Log (form DWR 55-55), and the Well Abandonment Completion Report (form DWR 55-58) have been updated to reflect these changes and may be downloaded now.