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The Douglas Irrigation Non-Expansion Area (INA) was established by the 1980 Groundwater Management Act. Within the INA, only land that was legally irrigated at any time between January 1, 1975 and January 1, 1980 may continue to be irrigated. An exception is made if the Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources finds that a substantial capital investment was made for on-site irrigation facilities or improvement of land for irrigation use during the twelve months before June 12, 1980.

All persons withdrawing groundwater from non-exempt wells within an INA must use a measuring device and measuring method to record water use. An exception is made for persons who withdrew 10 acre-feet or less for non-irrigation purposes only. A non-exempt well has a pump capacity over 35 gallons per minute or irrigates more than two acres.

All annual withdrawals of groundwater from non-exempt wells—for irrigation or non-irrigation purposes—must be reported to ADWR by March 31 of the following calendar year. If no water is withdrawn during a calendar year, no annual report is required for that year. ADWR must also be notified if a well or Notice of Irrigation Authority changes ownership.

The Douglas INA includes most of the Douglas groundwater basin, and is entirely within

Cochise County. The INA is administered by staff in the Tucson AMA office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cadastral location (i.e., Township-Range-Section)?

The Public Lands Survey divides Arizona into squares called townships and sections. In this “cadastral” coordinate system, tracts of land are related to the point where the Gila and Salt Rivers meet. A location is established by the number of six-mile units (“Townships”) north or south of that point, and the number of six-mile units (“Ranges”) east or west. Each six-mile by six-mile township is further divided into 36 one-square-mile (640 acre) “Sections.”

Is my property located in the Douglas INA?

The Douglas INA extends into Township 18 South in the north, to the Mexico border (Township 24 South) to the south. The western portion of the INA extends slightly into Range 24 East, and the eastern edge is in Range 28 East. For more detail, consult the map below or contact the Tucson AMA office.

How can I obtain information about wells in my area or on my property?

For information on wells in the Douglas INA, visit, call, or fax the Tucson AMA office. Please be ready to provide the Township-Range-Section(s) for the area of interest or the name of the specific person or entity if you are looking for well ownership information. Office staff can search the ADWR well databases and send the results by fax, e-mail, or regular mail.

Records for most registered wells can also be accessed from ADWR's Imaged Records Database. Well records can be searched by registration number (55-######) or location (Township-Range-Section). To view records you must select ‘CLICK HERE to install the plug-in manually’ for a one-time software installation. To search wells, click the ‘Logon’ button then select ‘55 Well Registry’ from the list of Query Sets. To search by registration number, click ‘Find by Well Number’ in the second column. To search by Township-Range-Section, click ‘Find by Legal Description’.

How do I transfer an Irrigation Authority in the Douglas INA when buying or selling property?

The "Notification of change of ownership of an Irrigation Authority" (Form 60-500) can be downloaded from the Permits, Forms, and Applications section of ADWR's web site. Assistance is also available from the Tucson AMA office.

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