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Water Management


Conserving and sustaining all water's our future.

Phoenix, AZ


Phoenix Active Management Area


The Phoenix AMA Map of Phoenix AMA is located in central Arizona and is one of the five Active Management Areas (AMA)

mandated by the Groundwater Code (Code).

1110 West Washington Street Ste. 310

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone: 602-771-8585

Fax: 602-771-8690

3550 N. Central Ave - Meridian Bank Building



Also managed by the Phoenix AMA are two Irrigation Non-Expansion Areas (INA):

    • Joseph City INA Map of Joseph City INA - Northeast of the AMA near Holbrook in Navajo County
    • Harquahala INA Map of Harquahala INA - West of the AMA, on the border of Maricopa and La Paz Counties



PhxAMA map



Phoenix AMA Management Goal

Downtown Phx (PhxAMA)





The Phoenix AMA is tasked by Statute to achieve safe-yield by the year 2025 through the increased use of renewable water supplies and decreased groundwater withdrawals in conjunction with efficient water use. 


PhxAMA Third Management Plan




One of the Department’s responsibilities under the 1980 Groundwater Code is to develop a management plan for each active management area for each of the five management periods spanning the years between 1980 and 2025.  The Code requires that each management plan include a continuing mandatory conservation program for all persons withdrawing, distributing, or receiving groundwater designed to achieve reductions in withdrawals of groundwater.


The first order of modifications to the Third Management Plan, adopted in May 2003, resulted in a number of changes to the conservation programs for agricultural, municipal, and industrial water users and to the Water Management Assistance Program.


The second order of modifications, adopted in May 2008, resulted in changes to the conservation programs for municipal water users.  Click here for the May 2008 Third Management Plan modifications. It includes a new regulatory program -- the Modified Non-Per Capita Conservation Program (MNPCCP).


The current conservation requirements for all users of groundwater within the Phoenix AMA are described in the Third Management Plan and its modifications.

Phoenix AMA Third Management Plan.

Phoenix AMA Third Management Plan - May 2003 modifications.

Phoenix AMA Third Management Plan - April 2008 modifications.



Phoenix AMA Information






Online Annual Reports

Annual Report Workshop Presentation Acrobat Icon PDFs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Groundwater Users Advisory Council (GUAC)

Harquahala INA & Joseph City INA

Flexibility Account Balances and Credits Available for Sale




Management Plan Development and Modification

Third Management Plan – Second Modification

Transcripts of Public Hearings, Summary of Hearings and Findings, Orders of Adoption and Modification Language – On January 9, 2008, the Director issued orders promulgating proposed modifications to the Third Management Plans for the purpose of adding a modified Non-Per Capita Conservation Program. Public hearings on the proposed modifications were held in Phoenix, Casa Grande, Prescott, Nogales and Tucson during the first week of March, 2008. On April 1, 2008, the Director issued a summary of the hearings and findings with respect to the matters considered during the hearings (“Summary of Hearings and Findings”). In the Summary of Hearings and Findings, the Director indicated that two changes would be made to the proposed modifications in response to comments received during the public hearings. On April 1, 2008, the Director issued orders adopting the proposed modifications with the changes described in the Summary of Hearings and Findings.

To view the Summary of Hearings and Findings, click here. To view the transcript of public hearing, Order of Adoption and modification language for each AMA, click on the appropriate link below:

Phoenix AMA – Transcript of Public Hearing pdf - transcript, Order of Adoption pdf - adoption, Modification Language pdf - Mod Language


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