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Surface Water

Program History

In 1979, the Arizona Legislature authorized funds to create the Arizona Flood Warning Office (ADWR originated in June of 1980).  The Flood Warning fund was used to support the Arizona offices of the US Geological Survey (USGS) in maintaining their stream flow gauges, and the National Weather Service (NWS) in improving flood prediction.  ADWR’s role expanded in 1994 when the Legislature adopted Article 6, Flood Warning Systems, §45-1501 to 45-1506Acrobat Icon pdf This action was in response to heavy flooding in 1993, during which time it became apparent that the State could benefit significantly from improved communication among government entities.


Coordination Efforts

ADWR co-chairs the Multi-Agency Task Force (MATF) workgroup, which is a group comprised of federal, state, and local agencies where the primary goal is to enhance communication during times of severe weather and threats of flooding.

ADWR also provides financial support to the USGS and other agencies on an annual basis for a portion of their streamflow and precipitation gauges throughout the State.  USGS employs satellite and radio telemetry to transfer stream flow data via radio signal and this critical information is displayed at and on the Arizona Flood Warning System website at

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