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Western Plateau Planning Area Water Supply - Effluent and Contamination Sites

Elephant Rock Golf Course

Elephant Rock Golf Course in Williams


Due to the relatively limited groundwater and surface water supplies in the Coconino Plateau Basin, innovative reuse of effluent is occurring at several locations.  About 3% of the total water demand was met by effluent during the 2001-2005 time period for golf course irrigation and municipal uses totaling almost 300 AFA. Effluent supplies the water requirements of the Elephant Rock Golf Course at Williams.  Effluent treated at the South Grand Canyon Treatment Plant (SGCTP) is used at Tusayan for toilet flushing in hotels and businesses and for landscape irrigation.  At Grand Canyon Village, effluent from the SGCTP is reused for toilet flushing, landscape irrigation and other uses including fire fighting in 2007. Effluent generated and treated at Valle is used for landscape irrigation and fire protection (Pinkham and Davis, 2002).

Contamination Sites

Sites of environmental contamination may impact the use of some water supplies.  An inventory of Department of Defense (DOD), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Superfund (Environmental Protection Agency designated sites), Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF, state designated sites), Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) and Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) sites was conducted for the planning area.  Of these various contaminated sites, LUST and VRP sites are found.  Table 6.0-8 lists the contaminant and affected media and the basin location of the single VRP site.  The location of all contamination sites in the planning area is shown on Figure 6.0-17.

Table 6.0-8  Contamination Site in the Western Plateau Planning Area

Table 6.0-8

The active VRP site is a heliport site at Tusayan in the Coconino Plateau Basin where soil and groundwater has been contaminated with hydrocarbons and jet fuel. The VRP is a state administered and funded voluntary cleanup program.  Any site that has soil and/or groundwater contamination, provided that the site is not subject to an enforcement action by another program, is eligible to participate.  To encourage participation, ADEQ provides an expedited process and a single point of contact for projects that involve more than one regulatory program (Environmental Law Institute, 2002).

There are also 27 active LUST sites in the planning area including 11 sites at Fredonia, six at Jacob Lake, five at Williams, three at Tusayan, and one each at Cameron and Wahweap. 

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