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Short-term Drought Status Summary for December 2014

Note: The map to the left updates automatically on a weekly basis.

The following drought status summary for the month of December reflects changes as of the January 6, 2015 Drought Monitor below.

Precipitation from a series of low pressure systems moving through Arizona in December brought some short-term drought relief to several parts of the state. Southern Graham and eastern Pinal counties saw improvement from extreme to severe drought, and northwestern Gila, northern La Paz and southern Mohave counties saw some improvement from moderate drought to abnormally dry conditions. Widespread and significant rains fell early in the month, followed by a very cold storm on the 31st that brought heavy snow to the high country and the heaviest snow in decades to the lowest valleys in central and northern Arizona. Several locations along the Rim and Yavapai County recorded 150-200% of the monthly normal precipitation in December.

This report was produced by the Arizona Drought Monitoring Technical Committee, January 12, 2015.



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Long-term Drought Status Update: July - September 2014

Monsoon precipitation brought improvements to long-term drought, most notably in the Verde, Agua Fria, and Lower Colorado River watersheds. These three watersheds all improved by one category, and one watershed (Lower Colorado) has no drought.

The very wet monsoon likely caused some improvement on many other watersheds in central and southern Arizona (such as the San Pedro), but not enough to compensate for longer term drought conditions over the entire watershed.

The next update in early February will reflect the conditions of October, November and December.

Prepared by the Arizona Drought Monitoring Technical Committee, November 4, 2014

Method for Determining Long-term Drought Status

Method for Determining Drought Categories

When Adjacent Watersheds Differ by Two or More Categories