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Conservation Home

April was designated as Arizona's Water Awareness Month in 2008. Celebrate WAM by visiting the site and participating in water conservation activities.

Visit for year-round, regional and seasonal information. Conservation partners from around the state contribute events and resources to both websites.

In Arizona We Care, We're Water Aware!


                          WATER CONSERVATION TOOLS & RESOURCES

Practicing a low water-use lifestyle is a way everyone can help ensure a long-term, sufficient water supply. Reducing your water use helps meet future needs, results in cost savings, decreases energy use, and helps preserve the environment.


To help Arizonans learn how to reduce water use, ADWR offers an assembly of tools to assist residents, businesses, communities
and water providers in the design and implementation of comprehensive and proven conservation strategies. Remember, you choose how you use! Thank you for doing your part to use water efficiently.

water efficient products; processes
regulation; strategies; BMP's
home and landscape resources
water use assessment; improvements

Water Planners

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