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Kids in Discovery Series

KIDS Booklets


The Kids in Discovery Series (KIDS) 16-page activity booklets are written and colorfully illustrated and provide creative, hands-on investigations, demonstrations, science experiments, educational games and stories that stimulate understanding of each booklet’s topic.


These informative, inexpensive booklets make excellent handouts to complement school curriculum or public education efforts and can be purchased through the Project WET online store.OffSite Icon

 Arizona-specific KIDS Booklets

Drought KIDS Booklet CoverDiscovering Drought


This booklet defines and explains the concept of drought, including how water managers plan to have enough water for all users and how some plants and animals have special adaptations to help survive dry conditions.

Colorado KIDS Booklet CoverDiscover the Colorado Watershed


This booklet provides a fun, informative introduction to the Colorado River watershed.

Conserve KIDS Booklet CoverConserve Water


This booklet teaches water conservation and basic facts about water through fun activities and games that depict household water savings.

Water AZ KIDS Booklet CoverDiscover the Waters of Arizona


This booklet covers the desert climate, monsoons, state water resources: rivers, dams, reservoirs, canals and groundwater. It also explains the concepts involving erosion, aquifers and riparian systems.

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Original artwork by Peter Grasshauser for Discover the Water of Arizona KIDs Booklet, published by Project WET International Foundation (Water Education for Teachers). Copyright 2005, Project WET International Foundation. These pages have been donated by Project WET and may be downloaded for education purposes. For permission to use these images for any other purpose, contact Project WET toll free at 866-337-5486.

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