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  • AZSCHEDOffSite Icon is a computer program from the University of Arizona which can be used to assist you in scheduling your irrigations. 
  • Drip-Micro Irrigation Payback WizardOffSite Icon will quickly provide an estimate of how long it will take to recover the costs of investing in a drip-micro irrigation system and estimate how many additional acres could be irrigated with conserved water.
  • Field To Market CalculatorOffSite Icon is a free, confidential online tool developed with input from a diverse group of grower organizations, agribusinesses, food companies, economists and conservation groups, to help farmers evaluate natural resource use on their operation compared to industry averages. These measures could help improve production efficiencies and profit potential. The new data-driven calculator illustrates the connection between resource and economic sustainability, so growers can more easily see how their choices impact natural resources, production levels and ultimately the efficiency of their operation.
  • Pressure Loss Calculator for PVC PipeOffSite Icon
    Pressure loss in pipes may also be called "friction loss." Both terms are used in the irrigation industry. Both terms refer to the drop in water pressure that occurs when water moves through a pipe. 

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