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Fact Sheets                                                                                                                     

Fact Sheets are concise publications that describe ADWR programs, projects, and accomplishments related to water resources topics.  Fact sheets are intended to provide a brief understanding of these activities for a general or professional audience.


Bulletins are comprehensive reports related to water resources and hydrologic studies conducted by ADWR for local or regional areas of the state. These studies are typically thorough studies of wide and lasting interest and scientific importance covering specific geographic regions within the state.


Open File Reports (OFR)                                                                                                 

Open-File Reports are used for the presentation of information that is released to fill a public need or information that is not defined in one of the other ADWR series.  These reports cover a wide variety of topics and may be of various formats, detail, and scale of a region within the state.

Hydrologic Map Series (HMS)                                                                                          

Hydrologic Map Series (HMS) reports are prepared by the Hydrology Division of ADWR and include hydrologic information with significant data and interpretations for a specific basin, sub-basin, or region of the state.  HMS reports typically include multiple maps and detailed explanations on various groundwater conditions and are aimed at a professional audience. 

Water Level Change Map Series (WLCMS)                                                                      

Water Level Change Map Series (WLCMS) reports are prepared by the Hydrology Division of ADWR and are intended for quick release to provide hydrologic information and data to the public with only limited interpretation.  WLCMS reports typically include a map and a general overview of water levels and groundwater conditions within a basin or sub-basin between the last two periods of water level data collection.

Groundwater Modeling Reports (GMR)                                                                           

Groundwater Modeling Reports are prepared by the Modeling Unit of ADWR's Hydrology Division and aimed to simulate Arizona's water supply and the future demands it may encounter for various regions of the state.  Reports typically include information on development of conceptual models, input data, model calibration, model results, and interpretation of groundwater flow models or updates to existing models.

Hydrologic Monitoring Reports (HMR)                                                                            

Hydrologic Monitoring Reports (HMR) are used to provide the public, the private sector, and other local, state, and federal agencies with information on the progress made by the Hydrology Division of ADWR in implementing the Comprehensive Hydrologic Monitoring Plan within the Active Management Areas (AMA).  These reports present surface water, groundwater, pumpage, precipitation, recharge, and well information that has been compiled or developed by ADWR for an AMA on an annual basis.

Hydrographic Survey Reports (HSR)                                                                                   

Hydrographic Survey Reports (HSR) are comprehensive reports for each of the ten watershed within the two adjudications required to be prepared by ADWR. HSRs are multi-volume publications that involve intensive data collection and field inspection efforts by ADWR, including detailed information regarding land ownership, hydrology, and the factual basis for each Statement of Claimant (SOC).  The HSRs also include ADWR's recommendations regarding the water rights attributes for each individual water right claim or use investigated.

Miscellaneous Publications                                                                                               

Miscellaneous Publications may include various maps, reports, or data generated by ADWR that is made available to the public.

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