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Geographic Information Systems
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Download the published PDF maps.  For custom maps, please send a request to our Communications Administrator, Doug MacEachern

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ADWR Data Download

Below are zip files of raw data from ADWR databases.

Groundwater Site Inventory The Groundwater Site Inventory (GWSI) database is ADWR’s main repository for state-wide groundwater data. The GWSI consists of field-verified data regarding wells and springs collected by personnel from Hydrology Division’s Basic Data Section, the U.S. Geological Survey, and other co-operating agencies. The information in GWSI is constantly being updated by ongoing field investigations and through a state-wide network of water level and water quality monitoring sites. The latitude and longitude values are in Geographic NAD 27. The Feature class is projected to NAD 83 UTM ZONE 12N. There are 55 additional tables associated with the GWSI Shapefile. These tables were last updated 7/29/2016. Please see the README file contained in this .zip file for further information. If you are interested in using the GWSI mapping tool, please see the ADWR GWSI Web Application.
Statement of Claimant Data This is all the data that the Department of Water Resources has for the Statement of Claimant. This data was updated here 7/29/2016. There is no GIS feature class included in this zip file. It is the data only.
Surface Water Data This is all the data that the Department of Water Resources has for the Surface Water database. This data was updated here 7/29/2016.
Wells 55 Registry This has been updated to this site 4/4/2017. The 'Wells 55 Registry' contains all wells registered in the state. The database was created in 1980 to store registration information submitted by well owners and drillers. The Wells 55 Registry database contains different well types - Notices of Intent to Drill (NOI) (55-500000 and 55-200000, series), Electronic NOI (eNOI) (55-900000 series), registrations of existing wells (55-600000 and 55-800000 series), discovered unregistered wells (55-700000 series),and existing wells that are registered to be abandoned (55-400000 series). In other words, the database contains NOIs to drill, modify, abandon, or deepen, registrations, driller reports, completion reports, change of well information, change of ownership, notice of well capping, and abandonment completion reports. You can also access our online GIS application at the Well Registry Web.


For additional GIS Feature Classes pertaining

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