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Arizona is Prepared for a Shortage on the Colorado River


Arizona and its water users are prepared to handle the effects of the current drought and impending potential Colorado River shortage declaration which may occur as early as 2017, although more likely in 2018. View current Colorado River conditions.


These conditions are not unexpected.  Arizona has been proactively building resilience and implementing innovative water management strategies to secure dependable water supplies. 

Colorado River Shortage Preparedness Workshop Information


Below are the presentations from the April 22, 2015 workshop:

Video of the workshop is available here

Workshop Overview - Tom Buschatzke, Director, Arizona Department of Water Resources

Colorado River Overview - Dr. Dan Bunk, Manager, Bureau of Reclamation

Shortage Impacts to Arizona & Near and Longer-Term Risks - Chuck Cullom, Colorado River Programs Manager, CAP


Shortage Impacts to CAP Priority Pools and Customers - Jessica Fox, Planning Analyst, CAP & Brian Henning, Water Control Manager, CAP


CAP Financial Impacts - Ted Cooke, Deputy General Manager, CAP

Arizona's Plans in Action - Tom Buschatzke & Virginia O’Connell, Manager, Arizona Water Banking Authority


Reservoir Protection Actions - Chuck Cullom


Arizona's Message - Tom Buschatzke


Audience Participation & Next Steps - Moderated by Lisa Atkins & Tom Buschatzke


If shortage is declared in the near term, Arizona cities, towns, industries, mines and tribes using Central Arizona Project water will not see a reduction in their Colorado River supplies. On river municipalities, industrial users and agricultural water users in the Yuma area have the highest priority on the Colorado River system and will not be impacted.


A shortage declaration in the near term will eliminate CAP water supplies to the Arizona Water Banking Authority, a portion of the CAP water supply for groundwater replenishment, will impact agricultural users in central Arizona and may cause an increase in CAP water rates.


Information regarding Colorado River Shortage Impacts to Arizona

Arizona's Colorado River Shortage Preparedness Fact Sheet

Arizona's Colorado River Shortage Preparedness Information