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Meetings and Activities> 2007-11-16_Yaqui ID Tour

2007-11-16 Yaqui ID Tour - Photos

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The Álvaro Obregón Dam
The Álvaro Obregón Dam is the primary surface water storage facility for the Yaqui River Irrigation District.  Built between 1947 and 1952, it is also known as the Oviachic Dam. Headquarters building of the Yaqui River Irrigation District
Headquarters building of the Yaqui River Irrigation District, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora.
Control Room Yaqui Irrigation District
Control Room for water infrastructure operations.  With one of the most technologically advanced water delivery systems in Mexico, the Yaqui Irrigation District is able to remotely control and view their groundwater and surface water delivery mechanisms.
The main cana
The main canal which feeds surface water throughout the district has been lined with concrete.  The district supplies water to a total of approximately 600,000 acres of land.
Tour participants
Tour participants along with the members of the District’s Board of Directors.
The AMC/CSA Water Committee
The AMC/CSA Water Committee observe the remote activation of a distant well and watch the pumpage from that well in real-time.

Entrance to the Agua Calientes Storage Reservoir.
Irrigation District’s President, Octavio Parra
The tour was hosted by the Irrigation District’s President, Octavio Parra, who also serves as a Sonoran co-chair of the AMC/CSA Water Committee.
Carne Asada luncheon
Carne Asada luncheon at the beautifully xeriscaped District facilities for employee events.